Market Situation:

Attendance at boat shows around the country had been declining at a rate of 4% each year for five consecutive years. So, it was not surprising that the decision makers at the association was meeting with Chicago advertising agencies looking for ways to slow down the rate of declining audiences.

Our Solution:

After conducting lifestyle research, we came up with the insight that people who own boats have more friends and acquaintances than non-boat owners. This provided the basis for a radical branding departure from NMMA's previous marketing efforts. The new direction envolved into an over the top broadcast campaign aining in the key New York, Miami, Norwalk, Atlanta, New Orleans and San Diego markets.

The Result:

The campaign we developed not only slowed down the rate of declining audiences, it actually reversed it. For the first time in six years, attendance at boat shows was no longer in decline, but rising nationwide by 8%.

The Ungar Group
Boutique Advertising Agency Chicago and the North Shore